2012 Olympic Games

Background to specification
Five years before the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Tubosider played one of the earliest parts in developing one of the many venues – providing a stormwater attenuation tank for the National Athletics Stadium.

500 acres of the Lower Lea Valley were set to become part of a £800 million development programme by the Government – all in addition to the expenditure on the Games, which has been put at several billion pounds in total.

Key criteria
Tubosider’s wide experience and success in other sporting venues were seen major assets to the development, which required a a high level of stormwater attenuation.

A 320,000 litre tank was ultimately installed at Picketts Lock by Daleraven of Slough, who were responsible for the groundwork and drainage of the whole site. Main contractors were Shepherd Construction.

Solution & benefits
This and the other new venues and the athletes’ village accounted for well over £1 billion, located in five zones – the Olympic Park Zone, River Zone, Central Zone, Outer Zone and National Zone.

The 2012 Olympic Games became the world’s biggest sporting event with over 10,000 athletes, over 5000 officials and over 20,000 members of the press converging on London.

The Games proved a major boost to the construction industry, and the new venues and wider infrastructure meant a massive regeneration of the east end of the capital.