B&Q, Kingfisher plc

Background to specification
In a region with high chalk content and low water table, and no drainage on a large new site well away from existing infrastructure, soakaways were recognised as the natural means of retaining all water run-off within this Dover development.

The tailor-made design and speed of installation of Tubosider galvanised steel soakaways ultimately proved a winning combination for McLaren Construction to use in the groundworks for its latest retail park.
Key criteria
McLaren had tried a number of crate and concrete systems before, but were looking for a more flexible and convenient alternative capable of quickly creating long legs within the site.

The first plot on phase 2 of the existing business park was a new B&Q store, which was to incorporate three soakaways of 1800mm perforated pipe when installed, giving a total capacity of over 600 cubic meters in five legs.

Besides designing and manufacturing the whole system to meet McLaren’s requirements, Tubosider had each leg fitted with two access shafts to give easy access, another of the major advantages of our solutions.

Solution & benefits
McLaren says the noted success of Tubosider’s pipe systems will almost certainly see them used in any subsequent projects where similar conditions apply.

“Even on this one project, we recognise how cost effective they are – we’ve found the right product for the job at the right price,” says project manager Maurice McAllen.

“Excavation and installation for a system as light and robust as steel has been much easier than concrete, for example – a medium sized 360 excavator can be used to drop in the 6 meter units and backfill. Construction was equally simple, with all the components pre-fabricated by Tubosider.”