Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Background to specification

In November 2008 the Buckingham Group signed the construction contract for the club’s new stadium, an expandable 25,000 seater set three storeys down into the ground. Designed by architects KSS, who have been behind other major stadia, it is due to open by the 2011/2012 season. The Buckingham Group also built the 30,000 seat MK Dons stadium, and selected Tubosider as its chosen supplier for stormwater attenuation at Brighton.

Key criteria

Like the surrounding region, the terrain at the chosen site is one of chalk, making soakaways the most suitable solution. Tubosider has supplied many such systems in the region, including a particular design of soakaway at the Falmer Academy, and was able to propose a highly cost-efficient scheme to be located in and serving the stadium’s concourse and car parking areas. Incidentally, 138,000 cubic metres of chalk were excavated for the stadium’s construction, which was put on the field on the south side of Village Way. This has been estimated to save 20,000 lorry trips taking the chalk to landfill.

Solution & benefits

Tubosider designed a series of three soakaway tanks to match the available space, the ground conditions and the required performance level, working closely with the contractors and the consulting engineers Sinclair Knight Merz. The final solution now installed at the stadium is a 2.8 meter diameter, 32 meter long tank of three legs to the North West; a 3 meter diameter, 15 meter long tank of two legs to the South East; and a single leg 2.3 meter diameter, 46 meter long tank to the South West.