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Background to specification
Brize Norton is the largest station in the RAF, not only home to the tanker and jet transport fleet, air-to air refuelling and military parachuting, but the main airport for deploying UK troops worldwide.

Groundworks were required to complete twelve new and six replacement Aircraft Service Platforms (ASPs) to allow parking for the new A400M military transporter and existing Tri-stars as well as the C130Js from RAF Lyneham.

The 20 hectares of drained area would increase the existing drained permeable area by 10.6 hectares and this increase in run-off needed to be attenuated to prevent downstream flooding.

Key criteria
For the new stormwater attenuation system, no fewer than seven options were considered by Defence Estates and the project team, including main contractor Interserve and drainage engineers Capita Symonds, according to Capita’s project engineer Paul Mackie.
“Ultimately we chose a Tubosider galvanised steel system above the other options considered as it best met the needs of the project, including proven durability, maintainability, military operational requirements, ease of installation, cost, and health and safety.
“Also, Tubosider had its own installation engineer on site to help with the set up and establish good practice.”

Solution & benefits
The Tubosider solution adopted was a large scale attenuation tank to serve the newly drained 20 hectares, consisting of 18 legs of 1800mm galvanised steel pipe each 96m long.

From its downstream position, the tank was connected to the rest of the station’s drainage system as the project progressed. Tubosider’s system provides a storage volume of 4500 cubic meters, with six access shaft and ladders, inlet and outlet pipes and a footprint of 96m x 42.6m.
As the centre of excellence for both the Air Transport (AT) and Air Re-fuelling (AAR) fleets, RAF Brize Norton’s ability to handle new and greater numbers of aircraft also means improved airfield facilities such as parking bays, hangars, an updated and improved passenger terminal and cargo warehouse.

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