Goodman Development

Background to specification

After several years in the pipeline, the go-ahead for the initial 30 acre development (part of overall 115 acre development) for the Co-op supermarket chain was finally given in 2010. Phase one involves the construction of a 450,000 sq ft single storey warehouse with two and three storey office accommodation.

For the attenuation required, McLaren considered the various options in depth with several manufacturers before choosing a Tubosider soakaway with its advantages of less outlay, easy installation and added capacity.

Key criteria

Several tank designs were offered, however, our regional sales manager showed McLaren’s project management that revising the scheme using Tubosider’s own calculations and technical skill would be the best available option.

Tubosider’s design team presented a scheme which required no extra pipework and yet notably increased the water storage capacity by wrapping the tank in a single skin geotextile. The engineers were also persuaded by the improvement, and the soakaways and ancillaries are now in place.

Solution and benefits

A total of four steel soakaways with a 2.8 m diameter have been installed, spanning over 536 m in length. McLaren opted for materials-only delivery, with over 90% of the pre-formed sections arriving ‘just in time’ to enable timely installation.

As project director Ian Spencer commented, “The overall project went well, with remarkably good handling considering the size of the tanks used. McLaren has used Tubosider previously and will do so in future, in this case particularly impressed by their expert knowledge and ability to present the technical case for a system.”