J Sainsbury plc

Background to specification
More than doubling the size of Sainsbury’s existing store at Heaton Park in Manchester would be a tricky project for two reasons – tight timing and limited working space.

Once again, choosing Tubosider’s Twinstore system again would be ideal for reducing the footprint and cost of stormwater attenuation, besides offering the advantage of having the strength to withstand constant traffic.

And because of the special constraints at Heaton Park, it proved the perfect opportunity for Tubosider to exhibit its end-to-end client service.

Key criteria

So tight was the construction programme at Heaton Park for main contractor Barr Construction that surfacing work for the 700-plus cars had to be carried out in two halves, with no space for our pre-fabricated tank sections to be stored ready for installation.

However, Lem Knowles of groundworks contractor KLM Construction says the job went off seamlessly, thanks very much to our transport co-ordinator Maureen Peloe.

“Maureen managed to have just the right sections and parts we would need for that day delivered to us on a daily basis throughout the installation – she did brilliantly,” he said.

Solution & benefits

KLM Construction were equally impressed with the installation itself: “Everything went in with no problems as usual, even in the limited space we had to work with.”

When completed with an extra floor, the new Sainsbury’s created two hundred new jobs and became the firm’s biggest in the North West. The specially enlarged store opened at the end of 2011, housing a cafe, pharmacy and Timpsons, Pet World and Baby World stores.

Critically, it also enabled the building of a children’s learning centre, where parents can drop their children off at maths, English and multi-skill classes seven days a week while they shop.