Leading sports organisation

Background to specification

Two Tubosider stormwater systems fitted by Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd (BGCL) in 2012 at major sports venues include the largest attenuation tank ever constructed by Tubosider for a UK client.

Senior project manager Steve Foster: “The client had initially specified an ‘egg crate’ system, but given the parameters of size and depth of fill, BGCL undertook a risk and commercial assessment for the depth of cover (up to 5m) and depth of crate (3m).

“After substantial investigation we proposed an alternative Tubosider solution in terms of technical merit, programme, maintenance and cost. BGCL have worked on schemes for football stadia and large distribution centres that have utilised the same product or similar, such as Brighton’s Amex stadium. Tubosider have definitely been the most efficient and pro-active.”

Key criteria

With a capacity of 12,800 cubic meters (over 430,000 cubic feet), the record sized tank is unprecedented in function, providing drainage and irrigation to a total area of 110 acres. BGCL’s experience with similar projects, including various Premier and Football League clubs, would prove extremely invaluable when it came to installing the giant system, not least the substantial depth of cover and the aggressive type of water being stored, with a high content of fertilisers.

BGCL had to carry out extensive and complex land regeneration work to prepare the site for development and make safe the environment. The site is on brownfield land formerly housing a large chemical works, with chemicals, tars and other contaminants all needing to be remediated, treated or removed.

Besides their long service life, more than equal to the design life of the project, Tubosider’s pipes and tanks are all BD12 Highways Agency accredited and have high loadbearing strength.

Solution and benefits

The Tubosider system now installed is the largest of its type ever designed and pre-fabricated for a UK client. Situated below the heart of the sports complex, it connects with all the playing areas to provide both drainage and irrigation – 4600 cubic meters of attenuation and 8,200 of rainwater harvesting.

The 2.8m diameter steel tanks are also Magnelis coated, a superior system using an alloy of zinc and magnesium which gives better corrosion protection against aggressive environments. Given the ground conditions and the irrigation system being used by the client, this was one of the various technical challenges which had to be met.

Despite the wettest summer in 160 years, the whole tank was delivered and installed by the September 2012 deadline which BGCL had been set, for Tubosider the completion of a project which had been prepared for many months ahead.

Steve Foster concludes: “Tubosider covered the design parameters and justification for the choice of products, and achieved a tight programme which has changed because of other processes on site to which it is linked. Thanks to their team, for the procurement and design right through to their flexibility on the commercial side and their flexibility and dedication in terms of delivery.”