New industrial estate

Background to specification
Two large headaches faced construction contractors Warwick Burt in the early stages of building on a large new industrial estate in Wellingborough, one of several projects for the town.

Not only did it think it had to install four separate stormwater tanks in various locations around the estate, and all crate systems each with its own flow regulator and separator.

But the Environment Agency then also increased the attenuation requirement from 550 to 700 cubic metres. Looking at the double problem, contracts manager Jonathan Smith spoke to Tubosider UK, whose steel tank systems offered greater design flexibility and convenience.

Key criteria
The telling difference was that our design team was able to value engineer the whole attenuation requirement into just one tank, partly because we could put the tank in the loading bay under the concrete slab.

This is not something many contractors and specifiers would choose to do with crate products, which has led to many well documented failures.

With Tubosider’s helibore steel construction, however, putting the tank under the concrete slab is no problem because the product is designed to BD12 Highways Agency standards for full highways loading.

Solution & benefits
As a result, Warwick Burt was able to remain in budget and meet the new higher attenuation level demanded by climate change with a single, Tubosider prefabricated tank fitted with one flow regulator and separator, all with the added benefit of manhole accessibility for inspection and maintenance.

Furthermore, the speed and simplicity of its installation meant less disruption to the site, making it easier for other construction work to be carried out while the tank was being installed, as Jonathan Smith confirms:

“I’ve never been a fan of crate systems, and we will now be using Tubosider wherever required. They dealt with the Environment Agency issues, provided good technical back-up including adjusting the manifold to needs on the ground, and also recommended a local drainage subcontractor to us,” he says.