NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Background to specification

At £27.2 million, the new Mental Health Development in Dumfries sanctioned by NHS Dumfries and Galloway is the health board’s biggest single investment in a hospital build project to date.

Scheduled for completion at the end of 2011, the new facility will comprise a total of 85 single en-suite bedrooms including a 15-bed elderly ward; 14-bed dementia/organic illness ward; six-bed IPCU; 17-bed adult ward; acute hub accommodation; eight-bed rehab recovery; eight-bed rehab longstay; and rehab hub accommodation.

Since the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing, Nicola Sturgeon, laid the first sandstone brick on the Crichton Midpark site in August last year, groundworks have included yet another Twinstore system of stormwater attenuation recently patented by Tubosider.

Key criteria

Manufactured in galvanised corrugated steel, Twinstore is designed for maximum compactness, besides providing structural integrity and easy access for maintenance.

Twinstore compared favourably on cost with calculations for half a dozen other systems, and saved on installation of a good number of manholes. There were also constraints on space and layout, and access issues over the supply of services. But working with engineers WSP, Tubosider’s design team helped innovate a better solution than that originally planned.

Twinstore reduces the overall excavation and cost of stormwater attenuation by balancing the ratio between tank and granular backfill and releasing water through pipe ends into a bed lined with an impermeable membrane.

Solution and benefits

Running two tanks in parallel rather than an L shape, the Dumfries system is already in place, installed by plant labour with no need to cut and fill or use external contractors. The whole system was delivered in prefabricated sections ready to be installed, a straightworward task for the contractors even on first use of Twinstore.

Designers have ensured the surroundings are being used to enhance the therapeutic environment. Using fresh air and natural surroundings was pioneered by physicians at the original Crichton Royal Hospital over 170 years ago. Situated on a beautiful river-side site with landscaped gardens and exotic flora, it pioneered psychiatric medicine and clinical investigation and its staff were leaders in mental health treatment and research.