Tesco PLC

Background to specification

Tesco long planned to replace its existing branch in Marsh Street, Hanley with a large superstore to serve the area, and bought its chosen plot on nearby Clough Street in August 2009. The building project itself started in January 2010.

Originally, a crate system was specified on Tesco’s tender drawing, but as industry specialists in supermarket construction, VINCI Construction UK were alert to the cost benefits offered by our Twinstore system now enjoying widespread use.

The design and performance data provided by our team and a visit to our headquarters to complete their knowledge was enough to persuade the contractors that Tesco would be best served with Twinstore.

Key criteria

As a client and end user, Tesco is renowned for providing quality and value in equal measure, and demands the same from its suppliers.
Recognising this, VINCI Construction UK is adept at seeking and promoting cost-saving but technically sophisticated solutions it can continue to recommend and install on behalf of Tesco and similar clients.

At Hanley, Severn Trent Water stipulate particularly high attenuation levels and extremely strict outflow and hydroflow rates, yet Twinstore promised to meet these and also deliver significant cost savings.

Solution and benefits

Installed over 50 yards away across an access road, the 2200 m³ (77692 ft³) tank serving the new £50 million store meets the attenuation needs of the 80000 ft² store with petrol station and 720 bay car park.

All told, this Twinstore system saved client and contractor around 15% of projected costs in terms of time, money and aggregate to install it. For easy inspection and maintenance, it is constructed in eight legs of 1800mm helibore pipe fitted with strategically placed manholes for access.

As the project manager said, “Installation is quite straightforward and needs no special expertise. Furthermore, the support is excellent, from design and procurement through to delivery.”