The Roehampton Club

Background to specification

After an occasion of flooding because of its position, lying flat on blue clay below the raised ground of Richmond Park, the historic Roehampton Club in southwest London needed to floodproof the club and its golf course.

This was one task facing Mellersh & Harding in the 2010 external development of the club, which included improvements to its clubhouse and sports facilities and creating a new gatehouse and roadways.

Key criteria

Given the large water storage required and the need for a highly manageable and quickly installed system, Barnard & Associates’ investigations showed Tubosider to be the best technical and cost-beneficial solution.
The structural engineers studied various configurations in order to keep the harvested water longest on the course, and finally specified a 4380 m³ (near 155000 cu ft) multi-leg steel attenuation tank of 2.2m diameter pipes.

Solution and benefits

The drainage system centres on two galvanised steel Tubosider tanks, one for stormwater attenuation and one for rainwater harvesting. This provides cold clean water to the 6065 yard parkland golf course.
Despite having to follow a non-continuous programme for the project, and the backfill delayed to allow for final client decisions, all the sections were compactly delivered in pre-formed sections nesting with the 400 m³ harvesting tank, and fitted without fuss.

The ability to inspect their tanks via manhole is another major plus for the Club in checking and maintaining performance.