Vauxhall Motors

Background to specification
This single run tank is a typical example of what Tubosider excels at – helping the engineer arrive at the ultimate solution for the required attenuation. In this case, a 510 cubic metre tank in 1800mm diameter pipe with a built-in pump, combining attenuation with the drainage system and saving 4manholes on the original scheme.

“Even to an experienced consulting engineer with a good knowledge of stormwater attenuation, it is extremely beneficial to work with Tubosider’s technical team to develop the most efficient solution,” says Lindsay Baxter, working with Paul Nicholls & Co Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers

“Tubosider live and breathe stormwater solutions, so they were able to offer significant design guidance to enhance our proposals and ensure the final solution was simple and cost effective.”

Key criteria
Like many engineers considering performance and maintenance, Lindsay has increasing doubts about the long-term viability of crate storage systems. Issues from complex installation to cleaning & performance difficulties associated with the build-up of silt and debris all indicate that a simple accessible tank is preferable.

“Working with Tubosider on many projects, I am impressed with the technical assistance over rainfall intensity calculations, optimised storage volume calculations, efficient combined storage & drainage pipe solutions and integrated pumping systems. The excellent service extends from preliminary design to final construction.”

His company had just worked with Tubosider on the Cheshire Oaks Honda / Hyundai dealerships at Ellesmere Port, with other attenuation systems in the pipeline.

Solution & benefits
Vauxhall Northampton is not just another success story for our stormwater tanks – it’s classic proof of Tubosider’s valued expertise and superior systems.

That’s certainly the experience of the contractors at Vauxhall, Rainton Construction, part of the MGL Group. Contracts manager Gordon Nattress was with CPS Civil Engineering before joining MGL and is well experienced in attenuation systems.

“I rate Tubosider highly – their systems are quick and easy to install. Usually I’ve installed gravity systems, but with or without a pumping station, they always go in smoothly first time. The attenuation provided by the Vauxhall tank is considerable, no bad thing considering the nature of the ground and its flood plain location, and sensible if the client plans to expand.”