25 and developing still

2012 sees the 25th anniversary of the birth of Tubosider UK Ltd, an event we will be celebrating during the year.

Tubosider’s Italian parent company was founded in 1964 by Delio Ruscalla, who decided to equip a small factory of less than 10 employees in Mongardino d’Asti for the manufacture of steel culverts and products for road applications.

The group went international in 1987, establishing offices in the UK, France and Spain. Tubosider UK then became the home of the group’s first international factory in 1989.

In 2005 Tubosider UK relocated from Warrington to a new purpose-built plant and offices in St Helens, greatly increasing our capacity and upgrading all our operations into the bargain.

Besides our expertise, probably the biggest factor in the UK company’s growth has been our diversification. To think that we started out making just culverts, still one of our strengths but since completely overtaken by our stormwater attenuation business.

That’s the beauty, if you can say that, of helibore steel pipe – it’s so versatile. A Tubosider stormwater tank uses exactly the same material and technology as our culverts. As one industry insider put it so sweetly, a steel stormwater tank is like an accessible culvert with blanked off ends.

The difference to the construction business is that we saw and developed that potential. Tubosider UK now leads the group in stormwater attenuation, adding soakaways and the Twinstore system to our range.

Once the first plant outside Italy, we now have other sister companies in Europe, South America and North Africa. So we’ve every reason to mark our 25 year milestone.