60 minute install for Tubosider tank

To confirm how easy Tubosider tanks are to handle and install, ISM Construction have been clocked at turning round a complete tank in just an hour at Willowbrook Hospice in Prescot, St Helens.

Though ISM are a long established civil engineering and groundworks contractor based not far from Tubosider in Ashton-In-Makerfield, this was the first time they’d ever worked with one of our tanks – but it’s unlikely to be the last.

The 5 x 2 meter, 1000mm diameter Tubosider tank had been specified by ACR consulting engineers to provide sufficient stormwater management for a new Hospice extension providing further accommodation, care planning and support facilities.

Having advised on the project, Tubosider’s area sales manager Neil Prescott made the short trip to see the installation – and timed it at just 60 minutes from assembling the prefabricated sections to bedding and coupling together the complete tank and then backfilling.

“It all went supremely well,” says ISM’s commercial manager Kevin Dunne. “We’ll definitely be very happy to work again at any time with such a system.

“Because it’s all pre-planned by Tubosider, there’s no experience needed to install it. And the tank’s shallow depth and the easy handling of the steel sections meant we used just a small machine to manage them into place, no need for heavy equipment.”

Equally happy were representatives of the project’s main contractor Paragon Construction and Willowbrook Hospice itself, who were also on hand to see its simple, speedy installation.

They had other reasons to be happy with specifying Tubosider, too. With the Hospice being a charity, the whole project needed to be costed at its most competitive. Using a Tubosider tank with its own access point avoided the need for constructing manholes, and together with its built-in hydrobrake saved a third on using an alternative solution.