7 ways we increase value

To be competitive, many leaders in construction and manufacturing know there are 7 key ways to increase the efficiency of your business.

In a nutshell, it means setting up systems to save on materials, processing, overproduction and transportation, and maximise product quality and the speed through to completion.

Value engineering is what all our service is about – the better the features and the smaller the cost of our tanks to customers, the higher the value you get.

So what does this mean in real terms? Whatever their requirements, how can our customers expect to benefit every time they come to us to supply a solution?

1. Planning
By designing every system to meet your exact requirements, there is no wasted space, materials or time.

2. Materials
We strive to eliminate all unnecessary elements, whether it’s removing the need for additional manholes, or saving every precious metre of pipework.

3. Manufacturing
Our factory and facilities have been streamlined to make our processes as efficient as a well-planned operation, saving time and ultimately cost.

4. Production
Our systems are all built to order, meaning that we are only ever producing and supplying what customers actually need, so any cumulative benefits are passed directly on to them.

5. Quality control
With integrated design and manufacture, and continuous monitoring of finishing and onsite operations, we can ensure that we get it right first time, every time.

6. Transportation
Through close liaison with contractors on site, we can phase supply of each batch of the order to the very time it is to be installed, maximising the efficiency of the overall project.

7. Time From initial enquiry to manufacture to the onsite services we provide, we do everything we can to make the installation of our systems as quick and easy for you as possible.

All of which has a direct effect on the bottom line. Thanks to the structure of our stormwater tanks and the way they are designed, they can require far less spend on materials and accessories than crate systems.

This frequently saves our customers thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds on a particular project.