A tribute to our founder

Mr Delio Ruscalla, founder of Tubosider Group, has died at the age of 89 years. He was born into a family of builders in the small Italian village of Asti, and retained close ties to the area and his roots throughout his life.

During a life-long career in construction, he founded Tubosider in 1964. The company started out as a small factory of less than 10 employees in Mongardino d’Asti, specialising in the manufacture of steel culverts and products for road applications. Mr Ruscalla developed Tubosider from these modest beginnings into the international player it is today, following the expansion that began in 1987. Tubosider now has offices in countries around the world. Following his retirement, Mr Ruscalla remained an important influence in the business empire that is now headed up by his son, Mr Paolo Ruscalla.

Mr Ruscalla was an exuberant personality with a love of life. He was famous for his formidable handshake, and was an avid bowler and a lover of good company.

He will be sorely missed by his colleagues and business partners, past and present.