Audi attenuation “simple as Meccano”

At 25, Tubosider UK cannot claim quite the same history as Audi (whose first car rolled out in 1910) or the Patton Group (who will celebrate 100 years in construction in 2012).

But given our established leadership in steel stormwater attenuation systems, there was more than enough experience guaranteed to successfully develop Audi’s dealership in Leicester.

The development called for stormwater storage of 310 cubic meters (nearly 11,000 cubic feet) from a single tank, the sort of specification which is bread and butter to Tubosider, particularly as no changes were required to the original conventional design put forward.

For all Patton’s wide experience in construction, serving the UK and Ireland through six specialist divisions, this is thought the first time the Group has used Tubosider, but unlikely to be the last.

Once the system had been proposed and agreed with Patton’s head office in Ballymena, site manager Gavin McGuirk found installation the easiest of jobs – “as simple as a large Meccano set”, as he called it.

“From the start of ground preparation, the whole job took at most two weeks, of which installing the tank took something over a week. Using a 20 tonne digger, we had just three men working on it. Everything was straightforward and easy, right down to fixing the clamping rings to seal the pipe sections together.

“Being for an automotive client, the key criteria for the project were that it must be simple, quick and meet Environment Agency storage requirements on intercepting oil-based contaminants. Tubosider’s tank system was the ideal solution, and having access for maintenance is a major advantage.”

Like site management, the Patton Group’s purchasing department said they were fully satisfied with their first use of Tubosider, particularly with our readiness to deal with any questions over design and installation, including on-site advice. Tubosider will now be considered for any of Patton’s appropriate projects.