Fast enough for the Olympics

We’ve had a hand in the London Olympics, if not in the competitions, but our customers are also taken with the motto of “faster, higher, stronger”…

Everybody knows that speed and ease of installation is one of the big assets of our steel stormwater tanks – so much faster that concrete and as fast as anything on the market.

It’s always good to hear back how smoothly each installation goes, particularly by contractors who are totally new to our helibore tank systems – even though the instructions are clear and it requires no previous expertise.

Just in case, though, we can always have one of our team attend site before installation if a contractor wants any extra help or guidance.

So when one of our latest systems was due to be installed at Bicton Primary School in Shropshire in July, our northern area manager Neil Prescott offered to pop down in support. “The prefabricated sections were delivered to the School at 3pm on the Tuesday, so I arranged to call in early Wednesday morning,” he says.

“But by the time I arrived at 10, they’d already finished – installed all three legs of the 1400mm tank and were ready for backfilling. They said just a few minutes to read the instructions was more than enough – easy, was how they described it.” Whether it’s a record for a first time installer, we’re not quite sure. Any of our customers like to give us feedback on your best turnarounds?