Five Ways A Tubosider Access Chamber Could Work For Your Project

After talking to customers about the everyday challenges they face when it comes to access and chambers – and years of designing bespoke systems for them – We have decided to bite the bullet and come up with our own. National Sales Manager Darren Crane gives five reasons to take a look at this new product range.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That’s definitely the case when it comes to our new, WRc approved, chamber design. The thing is, we like to make life easier for our customers. So we looked at the challenges they faced and started our design process from there..

  1. They can be lifted entirely into an excavation

    It’s a simple yet unique design that includes an integral lifting ring secured by incorporated slinging points that are designed to remain attached to the chamber.

  2. Less Labour = less health and safety headaches

    This simple installation and future maintenance process is much less labour intensive so it relieves a lot of the health and safety risks associated with installing traditional access chamber systems.

  3. They’re fast and cost effective

    A simple installation process can take hours, if not days, off installation time, so there’s no argument – they are more cost-effective than traditional designs.

  4. They’re delivered ready to install

    We already design, assemble and factory fit all our tanks with any required access shafts, ladders, inlet and outlet connections so it made absolute sense to apply this innovation to access chambers. They’re fabricated to order in our factory, from galvanised steel and delivered to site ready to install.

  5. The WRc accredited installation guide

    Our design team has been seeking customer feedback, working with the WRc and tweaking the design for over 18 months now. We’ve produced an easy-to-follow WRc accredited installation guide to help save even more time and resource.

An easy-to-follow WRc accredited installation guide helps save time and resource.

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