Free flow prevents silting

With any stormwater tank or drainage pipe subject to potential silting, it pays to adopt a system which is not just easily maintainable, but specially designed at the start to minimise the problem.

It needs to be remembered too that some systems will be more susceptible to silting and may create hotspots, depending on their location, the ground conditions and the length of time a site has been developed. If so, inspections will need to take place that much more regularly.

Unlike crates, any accessible system like Tubosider, together with upstream and downstream connection pipes, can easily be inspected and flushed or rodded out.

But many of our systems are also installed with one of our CY range of Mosbaek flow regulators, whose vortex action actually collects and carries silt right through the system.

The bulk of tanks in which we install flow regulators for surface water, foul or combined systems belong to the CY range, giving a discharge down to 5 litres/second.

By creating a vortex instead of operating with moving parts, they save on maintenance and energy and incorporate a self-cleaning effect with the pipe system. Regulating flow in this way makes them far superior to other control devices such as orifice plates, penstocks and throttle pipes.

Our flow regulators have been used in thousands of installations in both new and existing systems. Find out more about them here.