Government plans new flood projects

39 new flood and coastal defence projects have been announced as part of Government plans to reduce the risk of flooding and coastal erosion in England.

Over the next year £521m will be spent managing flood risks, with investment in the new schemes, ongoing work or completion of 108 projects already under construction, and a further 187 schemes receiving funding for development work such as feasibility studies, for possible construction in future years.

Key schemes completed during 2010/2011 include a £38m scheme to protect 3,500 properties and businesses in Carlisle following the floods of 2005. Here Tubosider has supplied the 15 culverts for the northern embankment of a new bridge over the River Eden, in a scheme lowering the floodbank downstream of the town by 1 metre. This will mitigate the future threat to Carlisle by using the river’s topography.

In March this year Defra, the Cabinet Office, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Environment Agency are conducting the country’s biggest peacetime exercise – Exercise Watermark – to test the country’s arrangements to respond to severe, wide-area flooding.