The perfect choice for stormwater solutions

Construction sites are getting back to normal after the terrible wet winter, and they want their materials just when it suits them. No problem for Tubosider customers. As ever, we have three great factors working in their favour.

First, co-ordinated production and delivery – we plan the manufacture and fabrication of our systems’ components to allow all of them to be delivered to site on days and at times which the contractor specifies. Time and again, customers value the help they get here from our transport manager Maureen Peloe

Second, our holding capacity for despatch-ready systems. The Tubosider plant and the site as a whole are large enough to accommodate miles of water management tanks and pipes. So if there are delays on any projects, we can still deliver to order when the contractor is ready.

And last but definitely not least, our location. One look at the map will show you that when we expanded into our striking new purpose-built factory in 2005, it was extremely central for nationwide supply and delivery.

Like our raw materials, all our systems are delivered by road, and being on the M62 just minutes from the M6 is not just ideal for regional construction projects. It’s also equidistant nationally from Edinburgh and Glasgow in the north to London and the south east, and south west to the likes of Exeter.

So the next time you wonder where all our systems come from, what our production is like, or how we manage to deliver so efficiently, bear it in mind – or even come and see how it’s done, as customers are always welcome to.
Besides sharing our expertise during projects, we also arrange factory tours for customers, specifiers and contractors to see how we create tailored solutions to so many varied demands.
Some visitors are most interested in how design can be optimised, or developed into a full production plan. Others want to see how our components are manufactured and pre-fabricated.
To arrange a visit, just call us on 01744 452900 or email