Houston, you have a problem

Twinstore can provide the best answer in any number of circumstances, and still require a smaller footprint. An interesting case in point is Project Houston, which will see the building of a new Sainsbury’s distribution centre in Greenwich, south London.

As consulting engineers for the project, RPS Group were concerned about meeting the particular demands of the boggy nature of the ground, evidenced by the report they showed us.

Our design team had a winning solution to the problem. Using a three-tankTwinstore system of different diameters, and increasing the width of aggregate to the sides of the tanks, we could achieve all the loading required – AND still reduce the size of the total footprint.

Instead of a 500mm surround of backfill to the tanks, we used BD calculations to design a system of 900, 1200 and 1650mm diameter tanks each surrounded by an equal width of backfill – 900, 1200 and 1650mm respectively, which in turn made good the poor ground conditions for the purpose of installing this type of system.

Despite the added backfill, the smaller capacity of the three tanks compared to other systems meant a reduction in the total footprint – providing a safe a loadbearing system which also managed to save on both space and cost.