How to keep afloat in a flood

Planning a new development? Worried about flooding of existing premises? Preventing surface water and watercourse flooding has never been a bigger issue for any business or organisation.

And the same applies to every part of the construction industry – from planners and architects to contractors and maintenance departments.

With our expertise in water management systems, Tubosider is constantly advising and providing solutions to all concerned. Just contact any member of our national sales team or technical support team…

For any premises in every part of the UK, the Environment Agency has a wealth of information and resources to help manage and prevent the whole problem of flooding – all available at

As the Agency says, floods are one of the most common and widespread of all disasters and are growing in frequency and severity due to the impact of global warming.

Businesses are more likely to flood than to burn down, so an effective water management system is vital. Businesses are therefore encouraged to make a flood plan that will help keep them afloat if the worst happens.

Simple actions to protect against flooding
1) Check if an area is at risk of flooding – use the Agency’s online flood maps to find out, or call Floodline on 0845 988 1188.
There are flood risk maps for rivers and the sea, for reservoirs, and for surface water flooding. (This is when rainwater does not drain away through normal drainage systems or soak into the ground, but lies or flows above ground instead.)

2) Be informed – sign-up for flood warnings
The Environment Agency offers a service called Floodline Warnings Direct in areas of high flood risk. This is a free service that provides flood warnings direct by telephone, mobile, email, SMS text message and fax. You can sign-up online.

3) Be prepared – have a flood plan for your business or organisation
Preparing and putting in place a flood plan is the most important thing you can do to prepare your business for flooding. The Environment Agency has a checklist of actions to help work through what’s needed.