In the Vanguard for best value

In selecting the stormwater attenuation system for Morris Properties’ Vanguard Trade Park in Shrewsbury, civil engineers Tier Consult in Chester had only one choice in mind.

Not only is Tier well familiar with Tubosider’s systems from several years’ collaboration on different projects, but lead engineer on this latest project Mike Hughes was looking for the best value option to serve the client’s needs.

“Cost is such an issue in the current climate, the Twinstore system comes even more into its own”, he says. “The client did want to see comparable prices for other pipe systems and crates. But Twinstore could not be beaten.

“What’s more, its compact design allowed us to achieve the required capacity in a single run across the frontage of the development, even though some of the site’s features demanded considerable flexibility in the design.”

To allow space for the essential services supplying the site, a run of only 600mm diameter Tubosider steel pipe was used to link two of our 1400mm diameter tanks. The greater capacity downstream leg then discharges via a petrol/oil separator and 150mm outlet into Shrewsbury’s main drainage network.

The patented Twinstore system further minimises the dig and tank area and of course the cost by balancing the water captured between unsealed tanks and the impermeably lined granular fill.

Being Highways Agency BD12 accredited, like all Tubosider systems, it also solved the one remaining issue at Vanguard Trade Park. With an access road serving the development, the attenuation chosen had to be suitably loadbearing for the limited depth of cover available.

The trade park developed by Morris Property is one of the latest additions to a considerable investment portfolio, from car showrooms and trade counters to retail and office parks. Active in Shropshire for 140 years, the company creates new-build, contemporary developments or converts, restores and refurbishes landmark buildings.