Jim and Tubosider breathe again

Two years ago, as MD of Tubosider, Jim Dwyer was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer, a very rare disease. But great news in July 2011 – he has been finally told by Christie’s Hospital that he is officially in remission.

Colleagues and clients are delighted that Jim is now stable and has returned to work a fair part of every day. It has been a tough and painful battle for him, requiring surgery and extensive courses of treatment to combat a highly complicated problem.

Although his fellow senior managers have inevitably had to take on much of the day-to-day running of the business, Jim is now back actively working on business development and client sales.

“I can’t say what a relief it has been for me and my family to have the good news,” he says. “The regional consultant told me he had only encountered five cases of the disease in the last five years, and at one point I was told I was unlikely to survive.

“Now I have just about replaced the four stone I lost in weight and have regained enough strength to start work on a regular basis again. Everyone has been wonderful, particularly this great team at Tubosider. It’s people like them who have helped me get through, even while working so hard.”