Keeping up with the Jones, Watsons and Bakers

We have had to work overtime in recent weeks to keep pace with demand. One big reason is that our Twinstore system is invariably so attractive commercially compared to any crate/cellular system.

And though we may highlight some of our bigger projects, our work is all about supplying systems of any size. Just look at this selection of smaller new orders and deliveries over the past month….

  • B&Q Tamworth – PDR Construction (new customer*) Two Twinstore tanks of 270 m³ capacity, one soakaway and two Mosbaek flow regulators
  • Asda Worcester – Parkstone Construction (new customer*) One Twinstore tank of 252 m³ capacity
  • Noel Baker School, Derby – John Baker Construction (new customer*) Two stormwater tanks of 1270 m³ capacity with pumps
  • Derby Firestation – T Clarke (new customer*) One stormwater tank of 40 m³ capacity
  • Andrew Marvel College, Hull – Morgan Sindall One stormwater tank of 271 m³ capacity with Mosbaek flow regulator
  • St Peter & Paul School, Leeds – Moortown Construction One stormwater tank of 150 m³ capacity with Mosbaek flow regulator
  • Netto Quinton – Phil Watson Civil Engineering One stormwater tank of 182 m³ capacity
  • Harpurhey, Manchester – Thomas Plant Hire One stormwater tank of 102 m³ capacity
  • Tesco Farnworth – Watkin Jones Construction One stormwater tank of 562 m³ capacity