Less material and manpower means better margins

Tubosider knows that in the construction industry, contractors are often working at margins as low as 1% these days. So contractors need to work as never before with expert suppliers who can help them technically AND design solutions giving them best possible value…

To us, value engineering is just part of giving customers the best deal. It works on many levels – most obviously, removing any avoidable cost, such as excess pipework or manholes from a stormwater system.

The very nature of our systems helps, of course – their open structure makes them easy to maintain, unlike crate systems, and they can be designed to give a greater volume-to-footprint ratio of attenuation.

Here’s just a small sample of what’s been said by the many contractors and engineers who’ve seen the benefits work for them:

“Although a crate system was specified on the tender drawing, we soon recognised that Tubosider had devised a steel tank based solution with the potential to save us and the client a significant amount of time, money and aggregate to install it with – all told, around 15% less cost than projected.”
Rob Symons, VINCI Construction UK (Tesco Hanley)

“The design input was excellent from the first, with Tubosider taking a holistic approach to the attenuation requirements and drainage design as a whole. The integrated flow control system avoided the need for secondary suppliers and saved the construction of additional flow control manholes. Designing with separate size pipes for the two tanks we required greatly reduced the delivery cost, and made the bid the most economically and environmentally efficient.”
John Killen, Jons Civil Engineering (Dublin R132)

“Besides their directness regarding the technical issues involved in the project and the excellent guidance they provided, including on-site advice on installing the prefabricated sections, their alternative proposals and final tender were most valuable, reducing the anticipated cost.”
Andrew Dunham, McPhillips civil engineers (Stourport Tesco)

“Even to an experienced consulting engineer with a good knowledge of stormwater attenuation, it is extremely beneficial to work with Tubosider’s technical team to develop the most efficient solution. Tubosider live and breathe stormwater solutions, so they were able to offer significant design guidance to enhance our proposals and ensure the final solution was simple and cost effective.”
Lindsay Baxter, Paul Nicholls & Co (Vauxhall Northants)

“Cost is such an issue in the current climate, the Twinstore system comes even more into its own. The client wanted to see comparable prices for other pipe systems and crates, but Twinstore could not be beaten. What’s more, its compact design allowed us to achieve the required capacity in a single run across the frontage of the development, even though some of the site’s features demanded considerable flexibility in the design.
Mike Hughes, Tier Consult (Shrewsbury Trade Park)

“Twinstore compared favourably on cost with calculations for half a dozen other systems, besides saving Laing O’Rourke’s Expanded division on installing a good number of manholes. There were also constraints on space and layout, and access issues over the supply of services. But working with engineers WSP, Tubosider’s design team helped innovate a better solution than that originally planned.”
Laing O’Rourke’s Expanded division (NHS Dumfries)

“It was no easy job to devise the right system for the job. We were confined by a limited and restricted area on site which meant the design on plan had to be carefully considered and developed in line with this. Tubosider were excellent at proposing a variety of designs that would best suit our specific constraints and were significantly influential in the decision of the final design.”
Luke Brothwell, Clugston Construction (Mars Birstall)