Like getting a quart into a pint pot

Engineers and designers are always looking to get more out of a product, Tubosider included. People say you can’t get a quart into a pint pot. Well, with the invention of Twinstore, we’ve challenged that idea.

Aside from their other differences, time was when crate systems would generally require a smaller depth of dig than our helibore steel tanks. A crate system offered a relatively high void area, giving around a 90% void ratio with a membrane wrapped round it.

Twinstore has changed all that, cleverly minimising the size of stormwater tank by effectively utilising the 100% void ratio of the pipes and by not fitting gaskets to the tank, allowing the water inside to permeate out into the membrane-lined backfill. (Where the space between the stones itself offers a 40% void ratio.)

Although an increasing number of specifiers now choose Twinstore outright at the planning stage, both Tubosider’s technical sales and design teams approach each project purely on its own merits. In many cases, our conventional helibore tanks may provide all or part of the best solution.

As the most likely first point of contact, the sales team are equipped with the expertise and software to make initial calculations as to the required area and bore of tank, as well as the size of dig.

The question of whether to use a Twinstore system will depend on various factors. Among these are the size and configuration of the ground available, other considerations such as contractor traffic, and potential overall savings from a Twinstore ‘package’ – including the cost of dig, soil removal, tanks and materials.