Local authorities get more funds to prepare for floods

£21 million worth of grants to help councils protect and support their own community when managing flood risk has been confirmed by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman.

The funds will fully cover the costs for local authorities of putting into place and carrying out new responsibilities under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, such as flood mapping, producing risk management plans and supporting community flood awareness groups.

The funds have been allocated based on the individual risk that each local authority has. Funding for 2011/12 will total £21 million rising to £36million for 2012/13 and subsequent years of this Spending Review period.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said: “This money will go a long way to help local flood authorities identify and deal with the risk of flooding in their own communities, Each local authority can decide where the money will be of most use – it could be used to pay members of staff, to come up with plans of dealing with surface water flooding or for generally work with the public on how best to deal with flooding.”

Each lead local flood authority is set to receive at least £110,000.