Look who’s in danger of flooding

More than five million homes in England and Wales are at risk of flooding, according to the Environment Agency – and with them, all the other buildings and infrastructure in their area.

And it’s not just in the areas affected by storms such as the extreme wind and rain we’ve seen in December 2013 and into the new year. Five million properties equates to no less than one in every six homes…

Since rain records began 250 years ago, the level of rainfall has continued to increase. Flood damage is estimated to cost the UK more than £1 billion, with stormwater run-off putting increasing pressure on current drainage systems and urban watercourses.

All of which means that a valuable new tool from the Environment Agency may come as a relief to some, but make less than happy viewing for others.

From now on, anyone in the country can check the Environment Agency website any time to see not just the current situation nationally and locally at times of actual flooding, but also the ongoing flood risk of every postcode across the country.

Anyone affected by the North Sea onslaught of the East Coast will immediately see that great areas of that seaboard and the adjoining country are shown as generally liable to severe flooding.

Inland, flooding from rising rivers and streams is what causes the greatest concern, and every water course that could be liable is shown in detail.

In St Helens, for example, the nearest water course to Tubosider’s plant is Sutton Brook to the rear of the site, but the nearest possible flooding would be a small area half a mile to the south, where the brook runs through a low lying residential estate.

The question is – how liable to flooding is each of the buildings across the country? And what prevention and attenuation systems are in place to protect the assets of businesses and property owners?

It might be time to check – go to www.environment-agency.gov.uk and follow the links to “Check your flood risk map for rivers” or “Check your flood risk map for reservoirs”.

Tubosider is used across the UK by many of the major public and private bodies for flood prevention and a whole range of rainwater management systems.