New SuDS manual in preparation

Good news from CIRIA, the construction industry’s research and information association – there is a new version of the SuDS Manual in progress.Although the manual does include a wide range of useful information on sustainable drainage systems, five years have passed since it was produced. Experience and knowledge in some key areas has definitely improved in that time.

With the future commencement of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act and development of the National Standards, CIRIA’s Manual (C697) does require updating to reflect changes in good practice and regulations.

CIRIA says the update should also capture changes in planning policy, cost effective approaches to fulfilling design criteria, for example, and also managing other liabilities and responsibilities.

(On the design side, witness the strides taken by Tubosider alone, our Twinstore system, and the growing role of our soakaways.)

CIRIA is currently seeking support and involvement from industry in the process, which will prioritise the delivery of key outputs required. These include:

  • Framework for health and safety
  • Design process to support cost effective delivery
  • Specification for construction and inspection
  • Adoption evaluation and maintenance