No automatic use of public sewers, Defra restates

How surface flood water is dispersed, particularly when the impending changes to regulations come into effect, is a classic industry issue, but one where Tubosider is firmly seen as a solution.

With this in mind, companies like Tubosider working in the water and flood management industry met government bodies in London on 26 June 2013 with a series of important aims.

The Surface Water Flooding and Management Conference in London was to set out the impact of surface water flooding and show how the UK is moving through the important phases of mapping and planning to deliver schemes to manage the risk.

2013 is an important year for making progress, with flood risk regulations maps and plans, the opportunities for partnership funding, and the next round of water company investment being developed.

Critically, the conference looked at the realities of urban flooding highlighted in 2012-13 and the lessons emerging, and the institutional change over the last year and that planned for coming years.

As Tubosider’s Paul Wagnell says, “Besides offering a unique approach and reinforcing our leadership in the field through systems such as Twinstore, we are committed to innovative product development that will continue to provide a value engineering solution, addressing the design issues that have been raised by recent flood events”.

For the record, and for all those working in the industry – water companies, specifiers, contractors and suppliers like Tubosider – the position on this from the regulators was set out simply by Linda Aucott from Defra:

  • Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 establishes a SuDS Approving Body and amends the automatic right to connect surface water to the public sewer
  • Defra is aiming to implement Schedule 3 in April 2014, subject to Parliamentary approval
  • Defra has created four Task and Finish Groups comprised of diverse stakeholders to look at specific issues, many of which had been raised in the consultation
  • The Task and Finish Groups are focusing on definitions, National Standards guidance, non-performance bonds guidance and funding and charging