No trouble at mill

Greater capacity and even better precision of end products are just two of the benefits reaching customers now that we have upgraded the multistage rolling mill which makes our corrugated pipes.

A new control system and variable-speed drives also mean less scrap, and many more members of staff can now input the specifications for the pipe or tank required.

“Easier information in, and up-to-the-minute production data out – everyone wins”, says production manager Mark Fegan.

“The controller sets up and supervises the run against a limited set of inputs which can be taken straight from the production order by many more staff members. And management get red hot production figures straight out of the system HMI (human machine interface).”

The new installation also offers far better fault diagnostics, allowing the control system with its improved technical documentation to pinpoint any problems and give the machine better uptimes.

Result: not just happy customers, but happier mill owners all round!