Preparing the ground for new Flood Act

The Flood and Water Management Act introduces a range of responsibilities for Local Authorities around Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), with the new legislation due to come into place in 2012.

Lead Local Flood Authorities will become responsible for SuDS Approval Bodies (SABs) that will evaluate and approve SuDS in all new developments as well as adopt and maintain SuDS serving more than one property.

Local Authorities will need to ensure that they are able to effectively resource and deliver these new requirements, while minimising future maintenance risks and delivering the best schemes possible for the local area.

CIRIA has introduced a workshop which aims to help Local Authorities deal with their new responsibilities for approving, adopting and maintaining drainage plans and SuDS schemes that meet the National Standards for sustainable drainage. More information at

Furthermore, this year’s NCE Flood Management conference on 7 December 2011at the CBI Conference Centre, New Oxford Street will offer essential updates on the Flood and Water Management Act.

It will also address key elements of the developing Localism Bill and the opportunities and challenges for flood risk management in helping communities to achieve sustainable economic growth. Full programme