Rainwater harvesting part of pet project for Mars

Birstall, Leeds is European Head Office for Mars Complementary Petcare, where the plant is being greatly developed in 2012.

The innovation centre for pet snacks and treats has commissioned two new extensions to its packaging and processing operations, with Clugston Construction as main contractor.

As one of the North’s leading privately owned building and civil engineering specialists, Clugston is again using Tubosider for stormwater attenuation, this time with water harvesting to a scrubber included in the project.

Project Tornado covers a whole series of works, including new service yards with loading bays and parking for the packaging and processing operations, alterations to the open space area and a woodland walk, relocation of the existing security gatehouse, and the erection of a new sprinkler tank.

Tubosider were specified on the contract drawings chosen by the designers, consulting engineers Peter Dann Ltd, says Clugston’s project engineer Luke Brothwell.

“Although Clugston as a company have worked with Tubosider before, this was a first for me,” says Luke,” and it was no easy job to devise the right system for the job,

“We were confined by a limited and restricted area on site which meant the design on plan had to be carefully considered and developed in line with this. Tubosider were excellent at proposing a variety of designs that would best suit our specific constraints and were significantly influential in the decision of the final design.”

The final solution was a design of only two main pipes, longer and larger in diameter than the initial design, to allow the plan area to be reduced while still maintaining the capacity of the finished tank. It also allowed Clugston to realistically consider shoring and bracing the sides of the excavation instead of battering, which increases the plan area of works.

“Tubosider were very client considerate during this process in seeking amendments to keep costing down to a minimum. We also had small issues over tying into the existing drainage line alongside the harvesting tank. Tubosider played a significant role in the discussions that determined the final design of these works. Their experience and technical knowledge was clear from the start and more than helpful from a client’s perspective.”

Luke Brothwell was also struck by the clarity of the installation pack and the simplicity of the steps required, even though the team responsible at Mars had never installed a Tubosider product before.

“I have been very impressed with the service they’ve provided, and the co-ordination by Tubosider’s sales team and Steve Barker from Pisces Pumps with Mars and ourselves has seen the project sail by with relative ease. Any issues or queries were responded to immediately by Paul or Steve, who were always very friendly and professional.”