School offers the perfect lesson in speed

Every contractor wants a construction project to run fast and smooth, and no phase could have gone better than the stormwater attenuation for the new Moorside High School and Moorside Primary School in Salford.

A 300 cubic meter Twinstore tank has been installed by Laing O’Rourke’s Expanded team in 5 days from start to finish, with no previous experience of using Tubosider systems.

Digging the hole to fit the tank took place over the Thursday and Friday before installation started on Monday morning. By Wednesday evening, the bed had been laid, the tank constructed and the system was covered in stone.

“It just shows how fast and efficient it is to fit our tanks – the contractor’s team were completely new to them, yet they did a perfect job in less than three days,” says Tubosider’s northern sales manager Neil Prescott.

“Just by adopting our system instead of crates also saved a lot on time and cost by taking four manholes out of the equation.”

With the existing school still in operation until it the new one is ready to move into next year, the choice of a Twinstore system helped the project engineers make best use of available space to fit the location.

The finished campus will accommodate over 1000 High School students and over 600 Primary School students in Salford.