SuDS training supports effort to improve water quality and manage flood risk

Government and regulators alike are keen to see the delivery of SuDS. In England and Wales the Flood and Water Management Act suggests SuDS will be a future enabler to development, making them mandatory for new developments and recognising their potential to manage flood risk and pollution as well as provide better places to live. These benefits have also been recognised in Scotland for some time.

CIRIA’s training courses have been developed to complement current regulations and the latest SuDS guidance (e.g. The SuDS manual, C697). Their training programme will enable practitioners to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage SuDS schemes.

Courses are discounted for CIRIA Core members, SMEs and local authorities. Find out more about the forthcoming SuDS courses here.

And don’t forget Tubosider provides free lunchtime seminars on stormwater attenuation and tank design for consulting engineers and industry professionals nationwide.