Superfast installation helps keep DIRFT on track

Tubosider’s easy-to-install rainwater management systems have helped speed up rain-delayed construction of the latest phase of Europe’s largest distribution depot near Daventry.

Working again with main contractor VolkerFitzpatrick, Tubosider was commissioned to supply over 9000 cubic meters of capacity for a Prologis development for Sainsbury’s at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT).

As the intermodal freight terminal at the junctions of the M1, A5, and A428 with a rail connection to the Northampton loop of the West Coast Main Line, DIRFT is a critical depot for Sainsbury’s and other leading users.

However, groundworks for the latest phase have been severely hampered by the UK’s worst winter on record, with frequent prolonged delays from rainwater flooding throughout the early months of the project.

“Against, that, however, Tubosider has been extremely helpful in all areas of service, storing much of the 3000 meters of pipe at its St Helens site till needed, and then managing the delivery and timing of individual batches almost perfectly,”says VolkerFitzpatrick’s Site Agent Ben Joyce.

From the start of the £60 million design and build project, VolkerFitzpatrick was keen to specify a trustworthy rainwater management system which could also offer the cost and installation benefits of one of Tubosider’s value engineered solutions.

Tubosider’s design team managed to take out 800 meters of 675mm diameter pipework and 11 manholes from the original proposal, promising to speed up installation and save around 15% on the projected cost of the system.

For the ground conditions and depth, Tubosider was also able to guarantee its system would meet the required design life of 60 years and the backfilling procedure planned for installation.

Furthermore, when the project moved to constructing the two large tanks, VolkerFitzpatrick’s groundworkers were able to install them at real speed, with up to 24 large pipes of 1800-2100mm diameter being installed from start to finish every day.

“It’s been a model of efficiency,” says Ben Joyce. “We had three gangs at work on each tank – one assembling the prefabricated pipes according to plan, one laying them and tightening the coupling bands, and one backfilling the completed sections.”

The second larger tank was completed in early July, finally overcoming the problematic weather and clay-based ground and ready to serve the latest DIRFT development.

“Even in difficult conditions, Tubosider has served us very well – not just in the benefits and speed of installation of its system, but in all-round service too. Its technical knowledge and on-site support is always valuable, and in terms of manufacture and supply, it certainly went the extra mile on this one.”