Tubosider achieve WRc for Singlestore system

Tubosider now have WRc approval for our Singlestore corrugated steel pipe and jointing system.

Thanks to its leak-tightness, component materials, quality of manufacture and documented installation procedures, the whole of the Singlestore system is WRc approved.
“Requiring renewal every five years, WRc approval is just one of a series of important independent standards which our products comply with, says Tubosider UK’s managing director Anne Duckworth.

What does our WRc approval cover?
Just for the record, our WRc certification applies to all Singlestore corrugated galvanised steel pipe for gravity surface water attenuation tanks with a diameter range of 300mm to 3600mm.

In terms of leak-tightness for structure pipe and connectivity, this means complying with pressure testing in accordance with the requirements of Sewers for Adoption (7th Edition), relevant paragraphs of section E7.

In terms of materials, Tubosider pipe is galvanised steel coil to BS EN 10143:1993, and for jointing, uses EPDM seals which meet the requirements of BS EN 681-1:1996.

In terms of manufacture, it means WRc audited production of the pipe lengths and joints against Tubosider’s manufacturing Quality Control procedures, including specification of component materials, and detailed drawings for the pipe and fitting products.

It also means verification of components to specification, handling and storage, production of pipe including corrugation, winding and joint sections, fabrication of sections and quality of workmanship.

Furthermore, WRc approval means checking the product documentation including a full set of installation instructions for each structure issued by Tubosider, and that a multiple of Singlestore systems are accordingly properly installed under WRc scrutiny.