Tubosider corners market through Atlantic CSP purchase

Tubosider UK, the UK’s leading specialist in corrugated steel pipe systems and culverts, has become the UK and Irish construction industry’s only remaining supplier following its purchase of the manufacturing equipment of main rival Atlantic CSP.

Based in St Helens, Tubosider UK has led the market for 25 years, supplying stormwater systems of all sizes to projects of every type including retail developments, airports, hospitals, schools, sports stadia and civic infrastructure.

Atlantic CSP of Keighley joined the market 10 years ago as a direct competitor of Tubosider but has now decided to close its corrugated steel pipe business and focus on its heating and ventilation interests, as Tubosider’s MD Jim Dwyer explains:

“We have reached an amicable agreement with Atlantic CSP over its pipe manufacturing business and are transferring their machinery to our headquarters. This will obviously add considerably to our own capacity and market position in the UK.

“The launch of our patented Twinstore attenuation system two years ago has led to many additional contracts alongside our traditional designs, and this is a natural move in our development. Atlantic CSP have informed their staff of their withdrawal and are referring existing customers and new enquiries to us.”

Tubosider is the UK arm of Gruppo Ruscalla, the world leader in corrugated steel products with a network of subsidiaries across Europe and South America. The company excels in its range of services, from expert advice and bespoke design to technical support throughout the project.

Apart from drainage pipes and stormwater attenuation tanks, the company produces bolted plate and liner plate structures, acoustic barriers, highway guardrails, parapet systems and rockfall and avalanche barriers.