Tubosider engineering makes projects more viable

For all the pressure on cost facing the construction industry, engineers and contractors installing Tubosider stormwater systems are keeping projects alive and well. The reason? In short, value engineering

It’s standard practice at Tubosider to develop every system we supply into the best solution for the job, both technically and cost-wise. As part of that approach, we don’t stop until every last metre of pipe, manhole and accessory has been refined to achieve what’s needed with the least amount of time, space and money.

Another thing – no matter how big or small, each project really does receive the same close attention to detail, from our technical sales and customer service teams through to design service and production.

Throughout our 25 years and more, meeting client needs really have been what’s driven our business, never more so than in the general slowdown in construction of the last few years – a period of sustained growth for us, in contrast.

We don’t just sell stormwater tanks, however superior they are to other systems. Our design engineers are more than CAD experts, they are problem solvers and lateral thinkers who look at all the varied demands of the project.

Value engineering is about creating systems which serve their full purpose, but at a lower cost or with their function or features improved. Our stormwater tanks win on both counts.

As you’ll see from our website and all our communications and contact with the industry, we can’t stress hard enough what benefits this can bring to any prospective project – or any contract where the stormwater solution is still under review.

Find out here how what Tubosider engineering has achieved for some of our recent clients.