Tubosider in Iran

Tubosider in Iran

Gruppo Ruscalla company Tubosider SpA, leaders in the design and construction of road barriers, have taken an important first step towards working in the Iranian market.

The company has signed an important industrial agreement with one of the largest investment companies in Iran.  The Atiyeh Saba Group, with activities in the industrial, petrochemical, mining, transport and tourism sectors has a turnover of over 4.5 billion euro.

The agreement is intended to lead towards a greater level of road safety throughout Iran, through the use of Tubosider’s products including guard rails.

November 9 Tehran, the president of Atiyeh Saba, Ahmadreza Nikkar Esfahani and the president of Tubosider Pier Paolo Ruscalla.

With offices in Turin, Tubosider has for over 50 years dominated the civil works sector and is a global leader in the production of road barriers, self-supporting steel pipes and tanks to collect water.  With 6 production sites, two Italian in Monticello d’Alba and Stroncone and four between Britain, France, Russia and Libya, Tubosider serve over 103 countries around the world.

"Tubosider is the first company worldwide to have signed an agreement in Iran within this sector. Being chosen by an investment company of such importance is a source of great satisfaction and pride. We consider this one of the most important areas of influence for our future development. The first step of a much larger project that we intend to pursue together with Atiyeh Saba in one of the most dynamic markets in the world. "

Pier Paolo Ruscalla