Working with Network Rail

For over a decade Network Rail have been releasing land for public and private sector development. On such developments Network Rail are allowed by law to enter that land if repairs are required or to prevent an accident. Such access rights, any restrictions on building due to locality of electrified tracks, buried cables or high-voltage overhead cables will be included in the title deeds for the property.

These types of developments have seen Network Rail directly involved in more approvals of Tubosider projects. Our designs have been influenced by accessibility to the site, movement of mobile cranes over our pipes in the construction phase and often the requirement for a design life in excess of 100 years, challenges all overcome by Tubosider.

Storm Water Storage Schemes:

Tubosider also provide culverts and underpasses for Network Rail often for re-lining of aging masonry culverts, in such cases railway live loads form part of our design and again longevity of service life is key in delivering economical whole life costs.

The versatility of Tubosider products deliver time and again across all sectors.