Wales consults on new water strategy

The Welsh Assembly is launching a new Water Strategy for Wales by following up its consultation document on long-term policy with a major conference in Cardiff on 21 May.

Central to the strategy is the development of a more integrated approach to managing water (where Tubosider has particular expertise) as part of a wider approach to natural resource management.

In what it calls a new approach for drainage, the Welsh Assembly’s declared approach is to ensure that both waste water and surface water are managed in an integrated way.

Among its wider proposals are options for consulting on universal metering and realigning the existing regulatory boundaries for water and sewerage with the geographical border between Wales and England.

The consultation document takes into consideration the widest possible issues at stake, including:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Planning
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Marine and Fisheries Policy
  • Biodiversity
  • Land Management
  • Sustainable development

All the proposals will be examined and debated at the inaugural Wales Water 2014 Conference on 21 May at the Hilton Cardiff.

Keynote speakers include leading members of the Welsh Government’s Energy, Water and Flood Division and Climate Change and Natural Resource Planning; Welsh Water; Ofwat ; Natural  Resources Wales; Sustainable Futures Wales; Consumer Council for Water; Wildlife Trusts Wales; Dee Valley Water; and Flood Risk Management Wales.