We do get projects out of tight corners…

Good things come in small packages, small is beautiful – it’s been said for ages, long before Twinstore‘s arrival on the stormwater attenuation scene a few years ago.

Breaking into an established market is always a challenge, but our patented system of minimising the size of tank has changed the face of design and specification in just a short time.

It’s now been recognised by a significant number of engineers and contractors that Twinstore has more than proved itself as a winning alternative to crate systems originally specified on a project.

More and more, the boot is now on the other foot, with Twinstore increasingly named as the system of choice on a regular basis.

Twinstore‘s main asset is its sheer compactness, giving a 20% reduction in size on any conventional Tubosider tank, and similar benefits over the other systems on the market.

And the result is not just about less spend on tank size, dig and backfill. Such compactness gives much greater flexibility in terms of the shape, location and depth of the tank.

Take the recent case of Skegness Academy, where the project team were looking to install a crate attenuation system. Apart from a lack of workable space, they faced an added problem in having to install the tank across a live cable meeting it three quarters along its length.

When introduced to Twinstore, the engineers discovered the same capacity could be comfortably fitted all to one side of the cable – and they could save the project considerable cost.

On many recent projects, Twinstore continues to convert engineers and contractors from other systems, with reduced tank size and greater flexibility of footprint the two constant factors.

But for many others now, such as a new road scheme in Shrewsbury and a leisure centre for Rugby, Twinstore‘s success has gone before it, making it the original spec wherever space is particularly tight.

And such are the savings on the tank and dig costs on major projects that Twinstore is used time and again by leading contractors, as with the new Tesco in Corby.