Welcome to the new-look Tubosider website

It’s been a long time coming, but isn’t that always the way? We thought it was about time that we gave our clients and peers in the industry a useful and accessible way to experience our products and solutions online. But more than that. For years we’ve been building strong relationships with many contractors and engineers in the business who appreciate the top level of service and support we offer.

We felt that our last website didn’t quite demonstrate just how important this aspect of our service is to us, so we’re opening our doors offering extra features like booking a seminar or a tour of our factory. We’ve also collated all of our product specifications and downloadable guides into one browsable library to make them easier to find.

In 2011 we’ll also be starting an online newsletter which will include the latest newsproduct developments and top tips from our experts in stormwater attenuation. Just click the “Sign me up” button at the bottom of this page.