Flow regulators

Our tanks can be fitted with a flow regulator inside, saving space and increasing efficiency while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

A self-cleaning vortex

We supply a wide range of Mosbaek flow regulators for providing varying speeds of discharge in both wet and dry installations. Our flow regulators have been used in thousands of installations in both new and existing systems.

Uniquely designed to give clear advantages over other control devices like orifice plates, penstocks and throttle pipes, they work by creating a vortex within the pipe system, instead of operating with moving parts. This means they save on maintenance and energy as they create a self-cleaning effect. They’re ideal for use in our stormwater attenuation tanks. Our expert design team can provide an illustration showing the dimensions and computer simulated Q/H curve for each proposal.

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Key features

Each flow regulator is designed and fabricate by us to the specific requirements of the stormwater management system.

  • Maximum durability

    Manufactured from high grade AISI316 steel

  • Larger pipe opening

    Lower risk of blockages

  • Increased efficiency

    In both new and existing features

  • Low maintenance

    Unique self-cleaning vortex

Typical applications

Our flow regulators have been used in thousands of installations across Europe since 1968. Some typical applications include:

  • Storage pipes
  • Overflows
  • Sewers
  • Lagoons
  • Separators
  • Pumping stations
  • Treatment plants

Talk to our design team about fitted a flow regulators inside one of our stormwater attenuation tanks.