We offer a comprehensive range of foul and surface water pumping stations for use with our stormwater management tanks and pipe systems.

Supply, design and install

Designed to suit individual requirements, each pumping station is fitted with high quality submersible pumps, controls and pipework. They are an integral part of the stormwater retention tank, avoiding the need for a separate pumping station.

The pumps we supply are able to give flow rates from as little as 2 litres/second to over 400 litres/second with delivery heads up to 80 meters. They can be fitted with standard or explosion proof motors depending on the exact nature of the fluid to be handled. We provide full assistance at the design stage with the sizing of pumping stations, rising mains and electricity supply requirements in order to achieve the most cost effective pumping solution for each project.

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Key features

As well as supplying and designing all the pumping equipment, Tubosider includes a full installation and commissioning service as part of the package.

  • Made to order

    To suit the site needs of every customer

  • Installation

    Comes as a standard part of design package

  • Controls

    A range of automated and customised controls are available

  • 12 months

    Parts and maintenance warranty

Typical applications

We can work with you to design a pump system that meets the specified needs of your stormwater management system.