Safety barriers

We manufacturer a wide range of traffic, safety and acoustic barriers that are independently tested and certified to national and international standards.

Innovation in safety and noise

All our traffic safety barriers are fully crash tested and certified to EN1317 and offer a range of containment levels depending on the needs of the location. They limit impact as well as improving overall safety for road users by containing and redirecting crashing vehicles without collapsing.

After 40 years of innovation and experience, we also now provide safety barrier systems to protect against rock falls and avalanches that are widely used across the globe.

We’re a world leader in acoustic engineering, offering a range of highly effective aluminium (noise absorbent) and methacrylate (noise reflective) barriers in different densities. All products are manufactured to EN ISO 9001. The aluminium systems are BBA certified for a 20 year design life without maintenance.

Key features

Our range of traffic and sound barriers are designed to minimise and contain both impact and sound while blending into the environment.

  1. Certified

    Rigorously tested against European and global safety standards

  2. Absorb impact and sound

    Designed to minimise risks to road passengers, limit noise and blend into the local environment

  3. 40 years of innovation

    Our systems are used across the world

  4. Low maintenance

    Offer a design life of 20 years without maintenance

Typical applications

Our barriers have been used all over the world for the last 40 years. Our extensive range of products includes:

  • Single or double-sided traffic safety barriers for highway medians, motorway verges or bridge parapets
  • Barriers to minimise risks from avalanches and rock falls. These are widely used across Europe and globally
  • Aluminium (noise absorbent) barriers and methacrylate (noise reflective) barriers in different available in different densities
  • Widely used as acoustic barriers to reduce noise pollution from airports, railways or any fixed industrial source